This book took me a very long time to read. It wasn’t because of the length (it being only(!) 589 pages long.)The only thing I can think of that caused me to take the length of time it took me was because of the subject matter. The Sunne in Splendour took me awhile to read as well, probably for the same reason. Because of the historical nature of this novel, I was unable to lose myself in the book as I normally do.

On the other hand, I don’t think anyone could feel as though nothing happened in the book. In fact, if it weren’t based on historical events, I’d have trouble believing that it could have happened. So many events occurred that would seem to be outlandish if they weren’t based on true events. It is amazing that someone like King Richard Coeur de Lion could exist. He just seems too far for life. He is an endlessly fascinating guy, but how could he not be with Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine as parents?

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