Harry Potter and the Cursed Child



























This is not a book. It’s a play. I think it’s important to remember that. You won’t get a lot of introspection. That’s difficult to do in a play or movie, but I think it does a good job of showing motivation with the stage direction.

Ron felt underused, but I enjoyed the character development of Draco Malfoy. I liked that he wasn’t just the mean little boy he was in the other books and movies. He does have a soft spot for his wife and son and you see that reflected in his treatment of Scorpius and his eventual thawing toward Harry.

Speaking of Harry, we once again see the anger that he hides so well. He is angry at Dumbledore for putting him in the position he was forced in with Voldemort; he’s angry with Voldemort for killing his parents; he’s angry with his aunt and uncle. Harry’s just an angry person, but justified or not (and he certainly hasn’t dealt with it here) he takes some of that anger out on his son who is forced to live in the his shadow, just as Harry was forced to live in the shadow of his part in bringing about the downfall of Voldemort when he was an infant.

Albus is also an angry person. He is the son of Harry Potter, world famous wizard. That’s a lot to live up to. I don’t envy him. That said, he is very much like his father- a bit of a prick and a brat.

Scorpius, on the other hand, is probably my favorite character here. He is the funny, emotional core. He stabilizes Albus and brings him back down to earth. He’s Ron. I liked seeing the human side of Slytherins as the books and movies didn’t portray them too well. This and the humanizing of Draco where he and Ginny commiserate over the friendship that Harry enjoyed with Hermione and Ron. Harry was lucky in finding those two. I enjoyed the thought that Harry and Draco’s sons became best friends. I also thoroughly enjoyed the idea that Draco’s son and Hermione’s daughter might end up together. The subplot of Scorpius being Voldemort’s felt unnecessary, other than to isolate him from the other children and open him up to Albus. It could be argued, however, that Scorpius is the Cursed Child of the title, being the subject of gossip that he is the child of Voldemort.

I enjoyed this script immensely and would love to get to see the play onstage. My only beef is the under-use of Ron. He’s not given much to do, but pop in and remind people of his continued existence. Also, the under-use of Ron and Hermione’s daughter, Rose, was a problem. She wasn’t really involved with anything. She just popped in every now and then to remind you that Ron and Hermione had a child and then she was gone. I would enjoy seeing more about her relationship with Scorpius. I would love to see the looks on Draco and Ron’s faces if they ever dated.

This script really revolved around Scorpius, for all the hype about Albus. Scorpius may not have moved a lot of the story a long, but he was the one who held it together. If the playwrights did indeed mean for Scorpius to be the focus of the play, then I applaud them. It was refreshing to see things from a Malfoy’s point of view.


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