The Heart-Shaped Box

Ok, so I picked this book up from my library and left it lying around for two or three weeks before I finally started reading. And then I read it in less than 24 hours. Why? It started off strong and every time you thought there might be a climax and the end, it cooled down. It came on strong, tapered off before starting all over again, each time intensifying a little more. I honestly did not think that Joe Hill Joe Hillwould be able to maintain the tension, but he did. I tore through the pages with increasing speed. In fact, I was turning the pages so quickly I thought I might get a papercut, and this book does not allow you to brush off something as seemingly benign as a paercut or a splinter or a needle prick. All in all, this novel was a good beginning. The suspense and terror started early on and did not relent for a moment. Definite recommmend.

Only downside is the frequent use of prfanity. Otherwise, a very excellent book.

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